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Environmental governance, policy research, natural resource management

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The impact of SDG implementations on forests and people


The impact of SDG implementations on forests and people

The research aims to contribute to the current global committment to implement the 17 sustainabel developent goals (SDGs). It attempts to assess the potential and to be expected environmental impacts of the efforts to achieve the different SDGs on natural environments and environment-dependent livelihoods and development. The reseaerch identifies the synergies and trade-offs among the SDGs and related development approaches from the viewpoint of natural habitats, specifically forests. The resaerch is implemented in close collaboration and as part of the IUFRO Special Project World Forests, Society and the Environment and other participating partners.


  • Potential impacts of the sustainable development goals on forests and the goods and services they provide;
  • Ecosystem services in zero net deforestation landscapes;
  • Integrating policies to enhance peatland management for climate change mitigation