FY2022 CSEAS Workshop (semi-closed) | Center for Southeast Asian Studies Kyoto University


FY2022 CSEAS Workshop (semi-closed)

In the previous CSEAS workshops, we have held research presentations that aimed to allow faculty to learn from each other’s research endeavors. As with previous years, the first part of this year’s workshop will have a session where three faculty introduce their own research. The second part aims to discuss on the future direction and mission of CSEAS, five panelists will present the ideas to help us consider the issue. This year’s aim is to have a frank exchange of views on the future development of the institute, considering the work we engage in as has been done over the past three CSEAS workshops.

Date: February 15, 2023
First Session: Faculty Presentations 13:30-15:30
Second Session: Panelist Discussion 15:45-17:00

Part 1: Report Session 13:30-15:30
Introduction: Mieno Fumiharu
Presentation 1: Satoko Kimura
Presentation 2: Nakanishi Yoshihiro
Presentation 3: Michael R. Feener
(25 minutes per presentation, 15 minutes for Q&A, 40 minutes x 3 persons)

Part 2: Panelist discussion 15:45-17:00
Introduction: Mieno Fumiharu
Panelists(tentative): Fumiharu Mieno, Obiya Chika, Yoshimi Nishi, Caroline S. Hau
(10 minutes for panelists to present issues of concern, around one hour for general discussion)