TANKEN Video: Welcome to Area Studies

The CSEAS ‘TANKEN Video: Welcome to Area Studies’ is an initiative to present research through short 10-minute videos. These introduce and showcase members who are engaged in cutting-edge research in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. The program also includes information on literature related research projects so that those who are interested can follow up on their interests. Due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic, researchers have had great difficulty to carry out fieldwork. CSEAS provides videos that allow people to learn through vignettes from the field and about research methods. It is hoped that this initiative provides a window onto what kinds of research fieldworkers are conducting in Southeast Asia and other regions.

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Latest Videos

Where do organisms come from, and where do they go?: The worldwide spread of infectious disease, accelerated by globalization

There are more than 8.7 million species of living organisms on earth, of which at least 1,400 are considered to be microorganisms (pathogens) that cause some kind of infec…..


Understanding the Region Today Using History: Asian Economic History that Captures Local Energy

During the past two hundred years, the Asian economy has developed vigorously, riding on the surge of globalization. This dynamic development has attracted the interest of academics who seek to unveil the local forces that drive the…


Research inspired by a Single Scarf:
The ‘veil controversy’ as seen from Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of several former Soviet Union countries in Central Asia that gained independence in 1991. Uzbek culture has its foundations in Islam, but the country experienced rigorous secularization under the socialist system during the 20th century. ….


What is needed for a town to be lived in sustainably: Exploring different ways of living in New Town

When I returned to my parents’ home in the countryside after a long absence, I found that nothing had changed. The buildings, the streets, and the parks were the same as before I moved away to the city and started living alone. …