Announcing the renewal of CSEAS’ ‘TANKEN Video: Welcome to Area Studies’ Site


We are pleased to announce that we have relaunched a series of research introduction videos ‘TANKEN Video: Welcome to Area Studies’.

*The name has been changed from ‘Online Movie Program’.

The aim of this video series is to widely publicize the field activities and research of the CSEAS members, and to introduce the latest area studies through the researchers who are engaged in it.

A number of videos are available to promote the appeal of area studies. Please take a look! They can also be used as teaching materials.

The Latest Videos:
‘Where do organisms come from, and where do they go?: The worldwide spread of infectious disease, accelerated by globalization’
 The Cast: Wataru YAMAZAKI
‘Understanding the Region Today Using History:Asian Economic History that Captures Local Energy’
 The Cast: Atsushi KOBAYASHI
‘Research inspired by a Single Scarf: The ‘veil controversy’ as seen from Uzbekistan’
 The Cast: Chika OBIYA
‘What is needed for a town to be lived in sustainably: Exploring different ways of living in New Town’
 The Cast: Hiroki BABA