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KITANI, Kimiya

KITANI, Kimiya
Research Departments・Position
Environmental Coexistence
Assistant Professor
Database Development, System Management, Information Processing
Research Interests / Keywords
・Resource sharing system for Southeast Asian periodicals
・Capability of Information services utilizing open source software and cloud system

KITANI, Kimiya

Basic Research for Mainland Southeast Asian Ethnic Minorities' Efforts in Preserving and Transmitting their Linguistic and Cultural Identities through Published Materials and Digital Media

In Mainland Southeast Asia, the integration of ethnic minorities into nation-states and regional development has led to linguistic and cultural standardization. This project aims to clarify how ethnic minorities maintain their languages and transmit their linguistic and cultural identities, through the collaboration of an interdisciplinary team focusing on data informatics. Because of the fragmentation of ethnic minorities scattered over national borders, it has been difficult in the past to get a comprehensive view of the linguistic and cultural activities of ethnic minorities in their mother tongues. However, this can be done by comprehensively collecting and analyzing information from publications (including internet media). This study aims to develop a database of ethnic minority language materials in Mainland Southeast Asia, and use it to search for information on materials using keys such as [language family], [textual script], [place of publication], and [year of publication]. The analysis of results obtained will clarify the realities of the linguistic and cultural dynamics of ethnic minorities until now overlooked. By integrating the use of material information as meta-information and the study of linguistic and cultural dynamics, this project develops new methodologies in area studies.

Capability of Information services utilizing open source software and cloud system

I have served as the IT manager for the building of information infrastructure to facilitate research and research support activities in the organization and joint projects. He is actively considering new services and systems, such as promoting cloud computing systems from an early stage. I have been investigating a survey on the use of open-source software for information dissemination. Some results have been developed and released as the official WordPress plugins.

Resource sharing system for Southeast Asian periodicals

In the process of developing the database, the research team and I aim to develop and advocate policies for the collection and preservation of serial publications in each library (room) and related institutions, and to create opportunities for inter-library cooperation and the creation of new area studies.
Southeast Asian Periodicals Database:

Practice to Installation of Small-scale database for multilingual publications for Indochina countries (Institute of Social Sciences Information, Vietnam)

Development of WordPress plugin and open to the public on the WordPress official repository.