Rataya Phanomwan Na Ayuttaya

Rataya Phanomwan Na Ayuttaya
Research Departments・Position
Social Coexistence
Visiting Research Scholar
Library and information science
Research Interests / Keywords
Rare books, Cremation volumes, Microforms

Rataya Phanomwan Na Ayuttaya

The Data Structure of Cremation Books in the Thammasat University Library

At present, I am employed as a librarian at Thammasat University Library, Thailand. During my fellowship, I intend to conduct research on cremation books in Thailand.

Cremation books are Thailand’s unique cultural artifacts, published as memorials given to guests at funerals. They are sources of information for the study of history, biography, literature, religion, sociology, folklore, and cognitive science within Thailand. Each booklet has its own distinctive characteristics, and all are rare as they are published on one occasion only. In Thailand, Thammasat University Library recognizes the importance of such books. Therefore, our library has initiated an initiative to collect and preserve these valuable resources. The Pridi Banomyong Library has collected more than 7,400 funeral and memorial books in our rare book collection and has operated under a closed-stack system.

I am interested in studying the cremation books of Thammasat University library. By analyzing the biographies of the dead, booklet illustrations, and their contents this study can provide useful information for librarians as well as other scholars. Furthermore, it can encourage the public to recognize the importance of these books as historical records, worthy of being preserved.