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Tangseefa, Decha

Tangseefa, Decha
Research Departments・Position
Social Coexistence
Associate Professor
Political Theory
Research Interests / Keywords
a) Thai-Myanmar Borderlands; b) Migration; c) Border

Tangseefa, Decha

Although originally trained in political science and philosophy, I have since 2000 been conceptually situating my research at the intertwining relations of four notions: violence, difference, marginality, and temporality. As an “in-between” person, I have employed various transdisciplinary approaches, blurring the genres of political science, philosophy, anthropology, and history.

My research fields lie at the nexus between migration studies and border studies, focusing especially on the Thai-Myanmar borderlands. It is the border region to where most of my publications on the following issues have devoted: death & atrocity; refugee; music & youth; ethnicity; marginal migrant workers; “cultural fluency”; community engagement; malaria elimination; and special economic zone. Moreover, I have also been working with some civil society organizations along the borderlands since 2008 – starting with the Mae Tao Clinic’s network and, in 2012, with the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU). During 2008-2011, I was teaching in a college in a “refugee camp” along the borderlands, while also teaching at Thammasat University.

For more details of my research trajectory, please visit "Walking to Where the River Ends?"

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With Mae Tao Clinic Colleagues and Friends

In a Village along the Thai-Myanmar Borderlands