Southeast Asian Studies Vol.8, No. 2 を刊行しました。


Southeast Asian Studies Vol.8, No.2 を刊行しました。

Robert Cole, Maria Brockhaus, Grace Y. Wong, Maarit H. Kallio and Moira Moeliono
Local Agency in Development, Market, and Forest Conservation Interventions in Lao PDR’s Northern Uplands

Nakatsuji Susumu
Land Use and Land Cover Changes during the Second Indochina War and
Their Long-Term Impact on a Hilly Area in Laos

Kanjana Hubik Thepboriruk
Dear Thai Sisters: Propaganda, Fashion, and the Corporeal Nation under

Andrea Malaya M. Ragragio and Myfel D. Paluga
An Ethnography of Pantaron Manobo Tattooing (Pangotoeb): Towards a
Heuristic Schema in Understanding Manobo Indigenous Tattoos

Trissia Wijaya
Chinese Business in Indonesia and Capital Conversion: Breaking the
Chain of Patronage

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