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政治経済共生研究部門 特別招へい准教授



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Political Economy; Democracy and Economic Growth; Political Networks; Big Data, Local Politics and Governance


Big Data to Understand Local Government Policies

The research is on big data to understand local government policies in Indonesia. The increase of social media users could be seen as the result of two dramatic changes: information technology and political openness. Hootsuite, a site that record social media users around the globe, claims that in Indonesia there are 338.2 million mobile phones connections, 175.4 million internet users, and 160 million active social media users . The Twitter users is predicted at around 145 million.

From a bigger perspective, it is expected that big data provides true information about policy issues. Citizens comments over policies in the social media can be used as information over the policies of the local government. Under a democratic regime public participation over policies is necessary. This type of conversation over the social media provided a good opportunity for this research to understand citizens’ view over policies. The data is available because citizens voluntarily offer their views. The situation in which the citizens participate on evaluating policies can be called as “deepening citizen engagement.” This engagement allows citizens to strengthen their voice aiming at improving public service delivery and policy making process.

As this research is a combination of using big data and field work, therefore all information collected through big data will be supplemented by evidence from the field.