Month / Year Name of Recipient Name of Award Award Winning Research title
June, 2017 Hiromu SHIMIZU The 107th Japan Academy Prize Grassroots Globalization: Cultural Practice and Life Strategy in a UNESCO World Heritage Village
June, 2017 Kiyoto OKUMIYA, Ryota Sakamoto, Michiko FUJISAWA,
Best Paper Award at the Joint Meeting of the 4th Congress of Asa-Pacific Society for Mountain Medicine and the 37th Annual Scientific Meeting of Japanese Society of Mountain Medicine, 2017 Glucose intolerance by interaction between hypoxia adaptation and lifestyle change in highlanders in Tibet Plateau
November, 2016 Coroline HAU The 35th Philippine National Book Awards, Cirilo F. Bautista Prize for Best Book of Short Fiction in English Recuerdos de Patay and Other Stories
November, 2016 Hiroyuki YAMAMOTO The 6th Japan Consortium for Area Studies Award for Collaborative Research Area studies of disaster management
October, 2016 Kozo MATSUBAYASHI, Kiyoto OKUMIYA,
Michiko FUJISAWA, Taizo WADA
The 68th Public Health Award Award for contribution to public health related to creation of field medicine promoting successful aging of the community achieved by multidisciplinary staffs collaborated with a number of participants of community-dwelling elderly.
September, 2016 Hisashi SHIMOJO Best Paper Award at 2016 Annual Conference of Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan Local Politics in National Border-Crossing between Southern Vietnam and Cambodia: The Mobility in the Mekong Delta after the Cold War
June 25, 2016 Mitsuaki NISHIBUCHI Doctor of Science (Microbiology), Honoris from Prince of Songkla  University (PSU), Kingdom of Thailand Great contribution to education of the  graduate students and training of the scientists of Prof. Varaporn Vuddhaakul’s group of Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, PSU through academic exchange and collaborative researchch  based on MOU PSU in the last 17 years
June, 2016 Yusuke MURAKAMI The 31st Daido Life Foundation Incentive Award for Area Studies Studies on Political Dynamics in Latin America, principally in Peru
June, 2016 Masaaki OKAMOTO The 32nd Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Prize Politics of Violence and Adaptation: Democratization and Local Politics of Stabilization in Indonesia
June, 2016 Fumiharu MIENO The 32nd Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Prize Financial Reform and Southeast Asia: Analyzing Regional Long-term Trends and Corporate Finance
May, 2016 Wakana SATO The 11th encouragement prize of the Japasene Society of Cultural Anthropology “Sympathetic” Relationships between Mothers and Daughters as Mediated by Clothes: The Transference of Women and Miao’s Ethnic Costumes between Natal and Marital Families in Guizhou Province, China
May, 2016 Hiromu SHIMIZU The 11th prize of the Japasene Society of Cultural Anthropology Grassroots Globalization: Cultural Practice and Life Strategy in a UNESCO World Heritage Village
March, 2016 Taisho NAKAYAMA The Agricultural History Society of Japan Award in 2016 Subarctic Colony Karafuto, Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2014. (Japanese)
February, 2016 ※Ryusuke KURAMOTO The 11th International Institute for the Study of Religions Prize Monks in a Secular World: The Ethnography of the Life of a Monk in the Theravada Buddhist Society of Myanmar
July, 2015 ※Noriyuki OSADA The 14th Asia Pacific Research Prize (Iue Prize) From an Indian City to the Capital of Burma: The Emerging State Border in Colonial Rangoon, c.1850-1930
July, 2015 Riyo NAOI The 3rd Refugee Studies Forum Scholar Awards Changing Lifestyle of Myanmar Refugees in a Refugee Camp on the Thai^Myanmar Border: Observations Based on Production of Documentary Film
April, 2015 Kozo MATSUBAYASHI, Kiyoto OKUMIYA,
Michiko FUJISAWA, Taizo WADA
Award of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for their Distinguished Achievements for Science and Technology (Public Understanding Promotion Category) Public Awareness of Field Medicine to Promote Health of Community-Dwelling Elderly in Japan and Asia
December, 2014 ※Hiromichi MITAMURA 2014 Achievement Award for Young Scientists in Fisheries Science of Japanese Society of Fisheries Science Studies on homing behaviour and site fidelity in aquatic animals using biotelemetry
July, 2014 Chen Ke-Seng Distinguished Lecture (Hydrological Sciences Section) at the 2014 AOGS (Asia Oceania Geo-sciences Society) Annual Meeting Hydrological Perspective of Climate Change Impact Assessment
June, 2014 ※Wataru KUSAKA The 30th Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Prize Anti-Civic Politics: Inequality and Morality of the Philippine Democracy
June, 2014 Yumi KIMURA Best Article Award 2013 Geriatrics & Gerontology International Society Annual Meeting Evaluation of Chewing Ability and Its Rerationship with Activities of Daily Living, Depression, Cognitive Status and Food Intake in the Community-Dwelling Elderly
March, 2014 Liulan WANG-KANDA The 6th Kyoto University Tachibana Award for Outstanding Women Researchers Chinese Diaspora in Asia and the Search for a New Paradigm of Multi-Diversified Co-existence
December, 2013 ※Surat Lertlum Best Thai Research Fund Research Award in 2013 Living Ancient Road from Angkor to Phimai Project
June, 2013 Yoriko KASAHARA
Kyoko ISHIMOTO et al
THE 20TH IAGG WORLD CONGRESS OF GERONTOLOGY AND GERIATRICS Best Poster Award The additional value of the Fall Risk Index as an Indicator of Self-Rated Health for community-dwelling elderly among three towns in Japan.
October, 2012 ※Venkatesh RAGHAVAN 2012 Sol Katz Award for Geospatial Free and Open Source Software Free Open Source Software for Geospatial
2012 ※Masahiro HIRATA 日本酪農科学会・学会賞 Monogenesis-Bipolarization of milk culture in the Eurasian Continent
November, 2012 Tadayuki KUBO Minpaku Young Scholar Seminar Award From Refugee to Citizen: Movement and Settlement of Burmese Refugees
November, 2012 Yoshimi NISHI The 2nd Japan Consortium for Area Studies(JCAS) Award for Social Collaboration Organizing International Syposium and Workshop “Disaster Heritage and Creative Economy: From Perspective of Area Informatics” in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, 21-26 December 2011
November, 2012 Takayoshi YAMAGUCHI 第12回人文地理学会賞(論文部門) The current significance of mobile pastoralism in the Tibetan village of northwestern Yunnan Province, China: through an analysis of milk production
March, 2012 Takayoshi YAMAGUCHI 日本地理学会賞(優秀論文部門) 移動牧畜が放牧地に及ぼす負荷の分布状況の推定―中国雲南省北西部のチベット族村落の事例―
November, 2011  Liulan WANG-KANDA The 1st Japan Consortium for Area Studies (JCAS)Award for Budding Scholar: (Toryu-Sho Category) “Ekkyo o Ikiru Unnan Kei Muslim – Kita Thai ni okeru Kyosei to Network” (  Border Crossing, Symbiosis and Networks among Yunnanese Muslims  in Northern Thailand)
November, 2011 Mitsuaki NISHIBUCHI 8th Awards for Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine Award for research related to elucidation of interrelationships between the natural environment and human activities (cultural, social, economic, etc.) through analysis of enteric infections in tropical areas, which gained remarkable results and clearly indicated a future course for tropical medicine in Japan.
July, 2011 Satoru KOBAYASHI The 26th Daido Life Foundation Incentive Award for Area Studies Reconfiguring Cambodian Rural Villages
July, 2011 Caroline HAU The top prize in Philippines Free Press Literary Awards 2010 for a short fictional work Recuerdos De Patay(Memento Mor)
2011 ※Ichiro, KAKIZAKI 鉄道史学会第2回(2011年度)鉄道史学会住田奨励賞(単行本の部) The political economy of railways and highways: transport policy and commodity flow in Thailand, 1935-1975
2011 Hitoshi NAKAMURA  2011年度地域農林経済学会学会誌賞 The Manure Method of Rice Farming in the Terrace Paddy Field in Tuguozhai Village, Yuanyang County of Yunnan Province
December, 2010 ※Masatoshi ISHIKAWA, Masahiro UMEZAKI
The 2010 Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC) Annual Conference General Poster Competition No. 2 Integration/Visualization of Data for Location, Physical Activity, and Landscape: An Application in a Field Study in Bangladesh