Zomia Study Group’s 29th meeting on Kachin in Burma

Date: November 9 (Thursday), 2017 14:30-18:00 (The room is open at 14:00)
Venue: Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Inamori Foundation Memorial Building, 201(Tonan-tei)

14:30~14:40 Opening

14:40~15:30 “The Challenge of Ending Ethnic Conflict in Myanmar: a Kachin Perspective”, by Ms. Lahpai Seng Raw (Founder, Metta Development Foundation. 2013 Magsaysay Award Recipient)

15:30~16:20 “Can an Ethnic Minority Group in Myanmar Build Their Own University? The Case of Kachin” by Mr. Nbyen Dan Hkung Awng (Director, Kachinland School of Arts and Sciences)

16:20~16:30 Break

16:30~16:45 Comments by Dr. Masao Imamura (Yamagata Univ.)

16:45~17:00 Reply from presenters

17:00~18:00 General Discussions

Zomia Study Group contacts: Koichi Fujita, Hisashi Shimojo, Mio Horie
(Center for Southeast Asia Studies, Kyoto University)