Special Seminar about an Asian Order (November 28)

Date and Time: November 28 (Tuesday), 16:00-18:00
Venue: Large-Conference Room (3rd. Floor), Inamori Center, Kyoto University

Title: “A Multipolar Asia: Implications for Australia and Japan”
Speaker: Dr. Michael Wesley(Australian National University)
Comments: Dr. Tomohiko Satake (National Institute for Defense Studies)
moderator: Dr. Jiro Okamoto (Shimonoseki City University)
The Trump Presidency has brought to an end America’s post-Cold War Grand Strategy of preventing the rise of other great powers in Asia. Under the 45th President, US alliances have moved from being system-supporting frameworks towards bilateral and tactical mechanisms; regional institutions have ceased to be seen as mechanisms for socializing rising powers; and the US has repudiated the ideals of liberal internationalism. Regional countries are already reacting to this major shift in US strategy. This lecture will examine the outlines of Asia’s emerging multipolar order, particularly focusing on its aspects promoting stability and instability. It will examine the role of Australia and Japan, as the two regional countries most committed to the status quo, in potentially helping to shape the future regional order.