Naresuan University Department of Sociology & Anthropology Seminar at CSEAS Kyoto University | Center for Southeast Asian Studies Kyoto University


Naresuan University Department of Sociology & Anthropology Seminar at CSEAS Kyoto University

Date & Time: Wednesday, 26 April, 2023, 10:00-12:30
Venue: Mid-sized Room, 3F, Inamori Hall, Kyoto University

Welcome remarks & brief introduction of the Center
By the Director of CSEAS

Brief introduction of Naresuan University and the Department
By Professor Phitsanu (Head of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology)

10:20-12:20  Presentations and Comments
(12-15 minutes presentation and 3-5 minutes comments for each presentation)

  1. Fighting for a better environment: A women’s  community group in Northern Thailand and their eco-print fabric. 
    Farung Mee-udon,Phitsanu Aphisamacharayothin, Gwyntorn Satean and Saowaluk Limsiriwong 
    Comments: Yoko Hayami
  2. Reinventing the Local: Cultural Politics of Placemaking of Mai Châu, Northwest Upland of Vietnam 
    Achariya Choowonglert 
    Comments: Wu Yunxi
  3. Border Bureaucracy and Ambiguous Infrastructure in the Myanmar-Thailand Borderland. 
    Busarin Lertchavalitsakul 
    Comments: Decha Tangseefaa
  4. Cultural resiliency as driving force to Bio-Circular Green economy: A case study of mat weaving group in Bang Rakam district, Phitsanulok province, Thailand. 
    Rudklaw Premprasit, Thanida Boonwanno and Aumnouy Piroonsan 
    Comments: Julie de Los Reyes
  5. Applying sociological perspective in human and animal studies  
    Patcharin Sirasoonthorn, Kammales Photikanit and Supasit Tana 
    Comments: Satoko Kimura
  6. Affective nationalism in Thai philanthropy  
    Pattamanan Poonseripipat 
    Comments:  Kisho Tsuchiya

12:30 Lunch with the Director

During lunch, Ms. Tasanee Sawatpanich and Ms. Suchada Shuamoang will introduce the situation of support staff at Naresuan University during COVID-19