New book released:
Masaaki Okamoto et al (eds), Local Governance of Peatland Restoration in Riau, Indonesia: A Transdisciplinary Analysis (Springer Singapore)


From the Editor

This book is the third research outcome of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) Practical Project “Toward the Regeneration of Tropical Peatland Societies: Establishment of an International Research Network and Proposals for the Future.” Focusing on Riau Province, Indonesia, which has the most extensive tropical peatlands in Southeast Asia, the book provides an interdisciplinary analysis of the politics of peatlands at the local level, the perceptions of peatland residents in peatland communities, and their livelihoods.

This project mainly focuses on one particular village and is a multifaceted study, accompanied by social implementation by NGO activists. From these studies, we pointed out the necessity of understanding river ecosystems, which are often forgotten in peatland conservation policies, and the possibility of implementing peatland conservation practices through the revitalization of freshwater fisheries.

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