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MIZUNO, Kosuke

MIZUNO, Kosuke
Research Departments・Position
Political & Economic Coexistence
Affiliated Professor
Indonesian area study, agricultural economics, labor economics, and environmental economics
Research Interests / Keywords
・Industrial Relations and Industrial Dispute Settlement in Indonesia
・Natural Resource Relied Economy and People’s Economy in Indonesia
・Agrarian Reform and Peatland Restoration in Indonesia

MIZUNO, Kosuke

Industrial Relations and Indsutrial Dispute Settement in Indonesia

Labor and management relations in Indonesia will be studied focusing on the labor dispute resolution system, especially changes after labor law reform in democratization period of 1998. We try to answer the question if the system is based on rule based on the rule of law, or Musyawarah that emphasizes consultation (principle of consensus unanimously). This viewpoint brings about innovation in research on conventional Indonesian labor problems. We are explaining the activism principle consistently present in Indonesian workers. In addition, the range of research subjects expanded to the colonial period of 1870, clarified the course, reason, origin of today’s institution and operation.

Natural Resource Relied Economy and People's Economy in Indonesia

Historically the Indonesian economy relied heavily on the production and export of primary products, as seen in today’s oil palm production and export. On the other hand, the production and consumption for the lives of many number of people was also the pillar of social economy. Coexisting of these primary commodity economy and popular economy has brought about the improvement of the living standard and the industrialization. This is the pathway of Indonesian economic development different from conventional export oriented industrialization or involution model.Agrarian Reform and Peatland Restoration in IndonesiaOne of the fundamental causes of the peatland degradation in Indonesia is the land issues, especially the state land and the state forest area. In the context of present agrarian reform in Indonesia, we implement the social forestry program to strengthen the people’s land rights. On the other hand, we will clarify the historical base of the Indonesian land policy that produced a vast nation area of state land and state forest that hjave made so many problems for local people and national economy.