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NAKANISHI, Yoshihiro

NAKANISHI, Yoshihiro
Research Departments・Position
Political & Economic Coexistence
Associate Professor
Area Studies, Comparative Politics
Research Interests / Keywords
・Civil-Military Relations in Myanmar
・Northern Rakahine Crisis and Mechanism of Nation-State Backlash
・Weak States in Southeast Asia

NAKANISHI, Yoshihiro

Civil-Military Relations in Myanmar

This project aims to discuss the civil-militar relations in transtional Myanmar since 2011. Myanmar provides us a interesting case to reflect upon the relationships among state, society and military, since the state power is divided and partially shared by the civilian government and the autonomous military in a unique way. This fragile condition of civil-military relations have and will affect the trajectory of political, economic, and social development of the country.

Northern Rakahine Crisis and Mechanism of Nation-State Backlash

This project is an inter-disciplinary joint project to examine the mechanism in which the international pressure for realizing a certain justice can create and expand strong backlush reactions of the government and society, focusing on Northern Rakhine Crisis in Myanmar.

Weak States in Southeast Asia

This project was launched to compare weak states in Southeast Asia to discuss how they have been built and are reacting to the changing domestic, regional and world order today. Critically reviewing the linear model of political development and simple transition paradigm, I pursue a insightful contextual understanding of weak states while avoiding exceptionalism.