Osaka Asian Film Festival 2023 Symposium: Indonesia film portrays women living true to their desires

Panelist: Gina S. NOER (“Like & Share” Director)

Moderator: NISHI Yoshimi (CSEAS, Kyoto University)

Reference: “Like & Share” Screening date / Venue
March 14 (Tue) 15:20 Cine Libre Umeda 4
March 18 (Sat) 12:50 ABC Hall *With guest appearance


The 18th Osaka Asian Film Festival (OAFF) Symposium ”Indonesia film portrays women living true to their desires” was held on Friday, March 17, 2023, at Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka, where Assoc. Prof. Yoshimi Nishi served as a moderator.
    In the symposium, Nishi lectured on the history of the portrayal of women in Indonesian films leading up to Like & Share and interviewed Director Gina S. Noer about the changes as seen from the filmmaker’s perspective.
    On March 19, the list of award winners of the 18th OAFF was announced, with Like & Share winning the Grand Prix (Best Picture Award).

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Yoshimi Nishi, The Strength to Dream: Indonesian Cinema and Imagination, Kyoto: Eimei Information Design, Inc., 2021. (In Japanese)