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Gender Equality Promotion


The Gender Balance of CSEAS



Male 20.9

Female 12



Male 9.9

Female 3

Associate Professor


Male 8

Female 4

Assistant Professor


Male 2

Female 4

Program-Specific Faculty


Male 1

Female 1

(%: Ratio of female faculty members)
(as of April 1, 2024)

Main Activities

In 2016, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) established the Gender Equality Promotion Committee and has been working to promote gender equality.

  1. Hosts seminars on gender
    The following two seminars are held each year:
    ① Seminar on Gender Issues in Academia
    An international seminar that invites guest speakers to share information about gender conditions in regions worldwide and information related to the promotion of gender equality at research and educational institutions.
    ② Special Seminar: Frontiers of Gender Studies in Asia
    An international seminar that invites guest speakers to talk about the forefront of gender research in various places in Asia.
  2. Provision of childcare services
    ① Establishment of a nursery for use during events held by the Center
    ② Assistance for the dispatch of babysitters during joint-research meetings, etc.
    →Please contact to <danjokyodo*> if you wish to apply, or to inquire about details. (Change * to at sign when you send us an email.)
  3. Provision of a kids’ space and rest area for use by staff who are pregnant or raising children
  4. Encouragement of applications by women when recruiting staff

Multipurpose Rest Area

There is a multipurpose rest area (with tatami-mat flooring) in the Utility Room on the first floor of the East Building. It is free to use when the East Building is open.

Action Plan for the Promotion of Gender Equality