Julie Ann Delos Reyes | 京都大学 東南アジア地域研究研究所

Julie Ann Delos Reyes

jdlreyes cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp


グローバル生存基盤研究部門 特定助教


Geography, Political Ecology

研究分野 / キーワード

・resource geographies
・energy transition
・nature-society relations
・environmental governance


My research takes a transdisciplinary, political ecology approach to understanding energy transition in the Philippines and the broader East/Southeast Asian region. Looking in particular at the dynamics of coal phase out, it aims to shed light on the conditions that impede the shift to low carbon sources in the power generation mix. It will map out the key actors and interests, nationally and regionally, that are implicated in the production and use of coal for electricity generation; identify the sources of socio-economic and biophysical ‘lock-ins’; and recommend solutions to facilitate the shift away from coal dependence. The research subscribes to, and aims to further advance, a view of ‘energy transition’ as a fundamentally ecological process, a realignment in the way society relates with nature. Moving beyond current understanding of transition as mainly a technological shift, the social relations of power that underpin such a process, i.e. that preserve the dominance of the incumbent fossil fuel energy regime, will be a key focus of analysis.


種別 テーマ 期間 代表/分担
若手研究 Financing ‘carbon lock-in’: The role of Japanese investment in Philippine energy transition 2020 – 2022 代表