Two Centuries of Agrarian, Economic, and Ecological Shifts in the North Coast of Java1812–2012

Kosuke Mizuno, Pujo Semedi, Gerben Nooteboom 編
450頁 ISBN: 978-623-359-156-0


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Two Centuries of Agrarian, Economic, and Ecological Shifts in the Northern Coast of Java (1812–2012)
Kosuke Mizuno

Chapter 1
Coastline Expansion and Social Dynamics: The Comal Estuary 1850–2010
Pujo Semedi

Chapter 2
The Social Ecology of Colonial Comal
Arthur van Schaik

Chapter 3
Deagrarianization and Shift to a Service-based Economy: Socio-economic Change in Comal since 1990
Hiroyoshi Kano

Chapter 4
Rural Transformation and Afforestation in Java: Understanding Farm Tree Planting in Central Java
Louella de Graaf, Gerben Nooteboom, and Pande Made Kutanegara

Chapter 5
Optimizing the Niche Sugarcane Cultivation in Eastern Pemalang POST-New Order
Agung Wicaksono

Household Income and Labor Migration
Hiroyoshi Kano

Chapter 7
Historical Trajectories of Rural Change: Land, Labor, Gender and Education in Comal (1904–2012)
Merel van Andel and Gerben Nooteboom

Chapter 8
Forestation Boom in Java: Afforestation in Nonstate Forest in Rural Java
Kosuke Mizuno and Mahawan Karuniasa

Chapter 9
Seventy Years in Comal: The Enduring Javanese Village Leadership
Yako Kozano

Chapter 10
Household Livelihoods and Food Consumption in Susukan Village
Nao Endo

Chapter 11
Jasmine Farmers’ Groups in Pesantren Village: A Case Study
Naoko Kawasaki

Chapter 12
Agrarian, Agricultural, and Wage Changes in Comal 1905–2012: Trending with the Indonesian Economy
Kosuke Mizuno and Zuli Laili Isnaini

Deagrarization, Dynamism, and Stratification in Comal’s Long-term Economic Development 1812–2012, an Exodus from ‘Agricultural Involution’
Kosuke Mizuno

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