The Philippines Presidential Election Seminar

You are cordially invited to our hybrid (face-to-face and online) seminar on the 2022 Presidential Election in the Philippines.

Time and Date: 16:00 to 17:30 (Japan Time) on June 3, 2022
Access to the Seminar: Register through the URL:

Title: Marcos’ Rehabilitation Completed?, Will Peoples’ Lives Be Uplifted?, The Philippines after the May 2022 Elections
Speaker: Ronald D. Holmes (De La Salle University, Pulse Asia Research Inc.)

Commentator: Takagi Yusuke (GRIPS)
Moderator: Honna Jun (Ritsumeikan University)

The presentations’ abstracts and the presenters’ bio are as follows:

Abstract of the Presentation:
Without prejudice to the continuing legal challenge on his qualification to run for the presidency, Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr., or popularly referred to as Bongbong or BBM, is poised to assume the position that his father, the late dictator Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, held from 1961 until he was deposed in 1986. Bongbong’s ascendancy to the presidency could be regarded as an indication of the full rehabilitation of the Marcos family. 

What led Filipinos to elect someone who is deeply associated with a prior repressive and predatory regime? What could be expected of the administration led by the scions of two pseudo-strongmen, the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr., and the outgoing president, Rodrigo Roa Duterte? Will these two fulfill their promise of a substantively improved quality of life grounded on societal unity?  These are the key questions that this seminar will address.

Bio of the 1st Presenters:
Ronald D. Holmes is Professor of Political Science and Development Studies at De La Salle University, Manila, as well as the President of Pulse Asia Research Inc., one the two major public opinion polling firms in the Philippines. He obtained his PhD in International, Political, and Strategic Studies from the Australian National University. Professor Holmes has previously served as three-time president of the Philippine Political Science Association and Chair of the Governing Council of the Philippine Social Science Council. His research expertise covers opinion polling, democratization, and electoral politics in the Philippines.

This seminar is organized under JSPS Kaken (A): JSPS Kaken (A): Political Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis: Building a Southeast Asian Model for Renovating Comparative Politics(22H00054) (Principal Investigator: Honna Jun)

Contact: Okamoto Masaaki (okamoto[at], Kyoto University, Japan)