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Corona Chronicles: Voices from the Field: Call for articles


The Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) is currently calling for articles on the ongoing impacts of the pandemic in Southeast Asia.

In late December 2019, the Coronavirus (COVID-19), an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV-2), was identified. A planetary pandemic was declared on 11th March 2020 and local transmission has spread globally. To date, the pandemic has led to untold human and economic suffering and tested some countries capabilities to their limits. Many cities and regions have come under quarantine measures, international travel has been severely curtailed, and the present-day global system has been severely impacted. This has implicated humanity’s global activities and shown both the fragility and robustness of different national and regional responses. Despite various vaccine developments and vaccination campaigns, to date over 212 million have been infected with over 4.4 million total deaths confirmed1.

Since April 2020, the “Corona Chronicles: voices from the field” has provided commentary, analysis, and insight into how COVID-19 is impacting individuals, communities and nations as well as research initiatives. This platform currently disseminates comparative perspectives from across different regions to share knowledge and responses. These are not limited solely to academic analysis, but also welcome nuanced commentary from writers, filmmakers, journalists, health care experts, and others.

We are calling for additional academic analysis that we can share with different communities and welcome articles on any aspects of the pandemic and its societal impact across the region. We welcome academic analysis from authors based in Southeast Asia who can write with authority on the current pandemic and its multiple impacts. A selection of articles will be translated into Japanese to share with academic communities here to deepen dialogue.

Submissions can be submitted via this form.